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Kao-Larm >ข้าวหลาม< Sticky Rice in Bamboo Cylinder Is an ancient Know-How of Cooking in Thailand. Typically the original ingredients are sticky rice + Coconut Milk + Salt + black bean. Originally, it’s not easy to make it , cause of not only the fresh main ingredients but also have to find the right Bamboo for use as Bamboo Cylinder. Moreover the area to burn / to grill the Kao-Larm have...
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vaccine passport
As indicated from the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT), foreigners who have been immunized ( Vaccinated ) against COVID-19 could be permitted to visit Thailand without the need to quarantine. The tourism authority said that the  ‘Vaccine Passport’ would empower foreign tourists to stay & travel in Thailand without expecting to go through the initial 14 days of their excursion in an alternative state quarantine facility. The ‘Vaccine Passports ‘...
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Larn Island
Minister and top tourism official set October 1st for a return to normal service for visitors to Thailand. In the meantime, Minister Phiphat and the Governor of the Tourism Authority of Thailand, Yuthasak Supasorn have both predicted that Thailand will see 10 million visitors enter the kingdom from October 1st this year which would be dependent on a return to mass-market tourism. Minister and top tourism official set October 1st...
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GrandPalace & Emerald Buiddha Temple
Apart from the STV and the modified 60 day Tourist Visa, and a few other options – all involving quarantine and a lot of red-tape for now – there’s not much good news on the horizon for people wishing to get back to Thailand right now. The minister’s outlook wipes out any hope of any tourism resurgence for the 2020/2021 high season. The Thai Hotel Association and The Thailand Travel...
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Coconut Pancake
Coconut-Rice Pancakes is a traditional Thai Dessert ( Snack ) was well-known since Ayutthaya period. It main ingredients are Rice flour , sugar, and coconut milk . After mixed , are cooked in a hot indented flying Pan    But for the present day, they adapt the top of Khanom Khrok to become more diverse. Such as corn top, taro top, and shrimย top. To try it ! they are available in local Market...
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