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Private Trips around Thailand with a local tour guide

Normalize the new normal life during the pandemic, COVID-19

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Normalize the new normal life
during the pandemic, COVID-19

As we have all been fighting the COVID-19 pandemic since 2020, When it comes to changing all humankind’s behavior, mentally and physically, no one gets an exclusion. The best thing that we can all do is to follow whatever the world recommends, including the new normal daily life strategy.

Suddenly, the hope of living our normal life as we used to before the pandemic is gradually getting brighter at the end of the tunnel. Of course, the most hopeful reason is that we have got another strategy, “a Covid-19 Vaccine.”

However, after most of the world has been vaccinated, the pandemic is still alive and appears to have a smart, intelligent brain capable of resisting all human strategies and vaccines by changing its status to include more and more variants, but luckily getting less and less harmful.

At the end, Do you believe there is an end to the pandemic or do we have to live carefully with the pandemic?

From pandemic to endemic

The world is becoming less worried about fighting pandemics. The ongoing COVID-19 variants now seem less and less vulnerable, which has already brought hope to all people around the world that normal life is going to return.

Yet to come, nevertheless, we all still have to realize and bear in mind that everywhere we could possibly get infected with COVID-19 somehow.

So far, some countries in Europe have already announced they will lift their strict measures against COVID-19 as the current variant of the pandemic causes no casualties, dead or admitted to hospital.

And, unsurprisingly, Thailand’s current government and everyone involved have been studying the feasibility of announcing the end game of the pandemic because the current variants do not pose any deadly harmful effects.

Do you agree with that?

Do you dare to?

Normalize the new normal

Social distancing, face mask wearing, hand washing with sanitized gel or alcohol. We have all been strictly practicing and following since 2020, as we are all aware, afraid, and panicked about the daily news that has been heard or read about the deadly pandemic.

Temperature Check point But those things are gradually changing, as now most of them are vaccinated. Even more luckily, the more the pandemic changes its variants, the less deadly and harmful it turns out to be.

Or, maybe sooner rather than later, we all have to face the reality and live together with the pandemic, whatever the pros and cons, but life must go on.

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