Sightseeing Tours in Bangkok and Private Trips Around Thailand with a Licensed Local Tour Guide
Sightseeing Tours in Bangkok and Private Trips Around Thailand with a Licensed Local Tour Guide

Need to book a walking tour in Bangkok, Thailand?

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Need to book a walking tour in Bangkok, Thailand?

Do you want to see and experience more local things in Bangkok, Thailand? Yes, it is absolutely possible. But it is better to take some locals with you.

Do you have a friend in Bangkok? If not, the best way is to hire a local tour guide through a travel agency for various reasons, including some of the following:

  1. Save your time.
  2. You can see and experience more things.
  3. Get more knowledge.
  4. Talking is more enjoyable and relaxing.
  5. For your own safety (you might be enticed by a tuk-tuk driver or an illegal tour guide to take you to a souvenir shop where they can get a kickback – a Scamm)

Where does the walking tour normally take place?

Normally, foreign tourists require to see and experience local things such as meeting and talking with the locals, walking around the market, tasting some street foods, seeing the old unique areas or places, including visiting the old local temple, without too much tourists.

Then, to fulfill that specific requirement in a limited 4-5 hour timeframe, the best suitable area is within a 1-2 kilometer radius of Rattanakosin Island

(Rattanakosin Island is the old Bangkok City because the area is surrounded by the river on the west and man-made canals on the east, north, and south, making up the area like a small island),

which has been regarded and reserved as the oldest Bangkok City and the beginning of the Capital. Here, tourists can see and experience things as they need. 

How to get dressed for the whole tour?

Dressing for the walking tour depends on what kind of dress makes you the most comfortable when going walking and also suits you for meeting with the locals from all walks of life. More importantly, you have to be polite enough for the temple visit.

Another choice is to wear short pants when going walking, then put on your trousers and T-shirt when going to visit a temple.

What can you expect from this walking tour?

Walking tour, but in practical terms, this means not only going to see things by walking, but also taking a local transport services, as locals do, such as taking a tuk-tuk ride, getting on a local routine bus, taking a taxi boat, and hopping on a river boat.

Typically, there are things that you can expect from this tour as following:

  • Discovering the historical background of each place
  • View the Highlights
  • Learn about Thai culture.
  • Experience the local things.
  • Join the local hand-on events and activities.

How much does it cost generally?

very reasonable price, as everything is included, such as English-speaking local tour guide fee, local transport fee, and entrance fee, except lunch and drinks.

Additional payment will be applied for visiting a place or doing an activity that is not on the original itinerary, except that the place or activity is admission-free and in line with the original itinerary.

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