Private Trips around Thailand with a local tour guide
Private Trips around Thailand with a local tour guide

Kao-Larm >Sticky Rice in Bamboo Cylinder

SkickyRice in Bamboo
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Kao-Larm >ข้าวหลาม< Sticky Rice in Bamboo Cylinder

Is an ancient Know-How of Cooking in Thailand. Typically the original ingredients are sticky rice + Coconut Milk + Salt + black bean.

Originally, it’s not easy to make it , cause of not only the fresh main ingredients but also have to find the right Bamboo for use as Bamboo Cylinder.

Moreover the area to burn / to grill the Kao-Larm have to be well prepared.

To eat the Kao-Larm, firstly the bamboo cylinder have to be thinned as much as possible before break into small pieces then peel it slowly to open and in order to keep the thin bamboo fabric inside stick with the cooked sticky rice to keep it shape as Sticky Rice Cylinder ( as photo )   

Of the present day, in the Rural area the ancient procedure are maintained, but in downtown or commercial area, the procedure & technic are adapted and the ingredients are more variable to differentiate its taste in favor of the Clients .  

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