Sightseeing Tours in Bangkok and Private Trips Around Thailand with a Licensed Local Tour Guide
Sightseeing Tours in Bangkok and Private Trips Around Thailand with a Licensed Local Tour Guide

Floating Market, Private Tour to the Unique Damnoen Saduak

Damnoen Saduak FloatingMarket
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Floating Market, Private Tour to the Unique Damnoen Saduak
In General

Floating Market Private tour with us, Siamchon Holiday Ltd., Part, typically this tour includes an English-speaking local licensed tour guide (with a local tour guide, you cannot travel with a local who is without a licensed tour guide), private air conditioning transportation, and a professional driver, as well as compulsory travel insurance, even if you have your own insurance.


As a private tour, your timing is much more flexible, but it should not be too late if you really want to experience more things. You can advise us or just follow our set time in the tour program on our website.

Leaving your hotel or being picked up at the right time is more beneficial for your tour as you can feel more relaxed, comfortable, and adjustable, and you can enjoy and experience more things along the way.

On the way (more than one hour drive)

It is our local tour guide’s job to give you information in general and related to the tour and your destination. Including hand-on events that you might unexpectedly experience, or even a 5- to 10-minute stop for a nice and unexceptional photo shot.

And unavoidable, a few minutes stop for your toilet time or sometime when you want to fill up on more caffeine to keep you awake.

In addition, you can also ask any more questions you are interested in, or you want another tour program to book, or you just want to go for a dinner at a nice and unique local restaurant or a Michelin Guide restaurant, or you want to go shopping after the tour; all are flexible to your requirements.

Arrive at Samut Songkhram province.

The smallest province in Thailand, a seaside province, (by wording, Samut means the ocean, Songkhram means war), is located southwest of Bangkok. The province is well-known for its fishery industry, especially its mackerel fish, which has been dubbed as the most delicious mackerel fish in Thailand. There is an annual Mackerel Fish Eating Season Festival in the province.

Mackerel Fish

Mackerel Fishes Mae-Khlong

In addition, fruits are exceptional, such as pomelo, the famous Lychees, and the unforgettable coconuts, coconut products, and their plantations.


Lychee Fruits

You will witness that after we pass by the downtown of Samut Song-Khram province, both sides are coconut plantations, since most of the plantations are connected with the elaborate canal system up to the main floating market, to the big main Mae-Khlong River, and to the ocean in the Gulf of Thailand.

Undoubtedly, coconuts are exported here. In the area, there are also local small factories to peel off coconut fiber and crack the coconut shell for coconut meat, and the must-visit of our first stop is here, the coconut kiln, a house factory where the local produce their coconut sugar (brown sugar) from the coconut flower’s juice (exactly not from the coconut’s juice; you will see the difference).

Coconut Sugar Kiln

Coconut Sugar Kiln

Need, a fresh young coconut juice! ……..That is available.

Or try your hand at climbing up to get the coconut flower’s juice from its flower stalk.

Next, continue to

The second stop is at the Longtail Boat Pier.

The approximately 20-minute trip with a longtail boat will take you through an elaborate canal network, fruit orchards, villages, local houses, temples, and coconut plantations.

Trip with a LongTail Boat

LongtailBoat Trip

Arrive at the market, Damnoen Saduak Floating Market.

Exactly, by the canal, along the canal, and on paddle boats that are floating in the canal.

How to experience: better buy a ticket for a seat on the local paddle boat, or if not, then you can walk around to see things and take a photo.

It is a must and worth visiting when you are here in Thailand.

“Seeing is believing.”

Normally, the market will gradually, shop by shop, close at about 11.30 a.m.

When you are ready, we will head back to Bangkok.

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