Sightseeing Tours in Bangkok and Private Trips Around Thailand with a Licensed Local Tour Guide
Sightseeing Tours in Bangkok and Private Trips Around Thailand with a Licensed Local Tour Guide

FAQ-Frequency Ask Questions

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FAQ-Frequency Ask Questions

Q: Can I request you to personalize my trip?

A: Yes, absolutely. Just contact us and talk with us.

Q: Do you provide or arrange cooking tours?

A: Yes, we are and can arrange a cooking tour for you or your group with a suitable cooking class and professional cooking school.

Q: Food Tour Can we book a food tour with you?

A: Yes, exactly. The food tour will be personalized and customized as the client needs.

Q: Do you provide transfer services in Bangkok and provinces nearby?

A: Yes, we can arrange any suitable vehicle to transfer clients in Bangkok, provinces nearby and throughout Thailand.

Q: Would it be possible to book only a local tour guide to lead and show us any places in Bangkok and provinces nearby?

A: Yes, exactly.

Q: If I need a third-language local tour guide, such as French, German, Spanish, Italian, etc., Can you arrange for me?

A: Yes, absolutely, but an additional fee will be added (per hour).

Q: Would it be possible to have a local tour guide for my private night tour in Bangkok?

A: Yes, absolutely. We can arrange a suitable one for you.

Q: Can I change the pick-up time for my day tour to before or after the described time?

A: Yes, exactly.

Q: Could it be possible to change the hotel in your multi-day package tour program?

A: Yes, absolutely. As a private tour, everything is tailored to your specific needs. (Depending on the hotel, an additional fee may be charged.)

Q: What should I wear if I want to visit a temple in Bangkok?

A: For men:

  1. A short that covers the knee is allowed, but a long trouser is more polite.
  2. A shirt or T-shirt is allowed.
  3. Any kind of shoe is allowed if you feel comfortable.

A: For women

  1. A long skirt that covers the knee is allowed.
  2. Long pants are permitted.
  3. Any kind of shoe is allowed if you feel comfortable.
  4. Leggings, skinny long pants, are not allowed.
Q: What should I wear if I want to visit the Royal Grand Palace in Bangkok?

A: For men:

  1. Long trousers are permitted.
  2. A shirt or T-shirt is allowed.
  3. Any kind of shoe is allowed if you feel comfortable.
  4. Patch pants are not allowed.

A: For women

  1. A long skirt that covers the knee is allowed.
  2. Long pants are permitted.
  3. Any kind of shoe is allowed if you feel comfortable.
  4. Leggings, skinny long pants, are not allowed.
  5. Patch pants are not allowed.
Q: How difficult is it to exchange money in Thailand?

A: Not difficult. It is quite easy, especially to exchange money in Bangkok.

  1. On your arrival, you can exchange it at the airport when you come out to the gate.
  2. At your booked hotel,
  3. Bank counter at the main shopping center or at the sky train/MRT station.
  4. Superrich money exchange companies (counters at some Sky Train/MRT stations).
  5. Other currency exchange companies are at the Sky Train/MRT station.
  6. At the bank office ( just some banks and branches that offer money exchange at their office)
  7. Or you can get Thai Baht from ATM machines with your card (fees are added).
Q: Do I have to login to book a trip on your website?

A: Yes, you should login. It’s better to log in to our website before you book. That will help you to more easily track your payment, send your payment slip/receipt for verification, and write a review. Later, you might have a chance to get a discount coupon from us.

Q: Can I book my trip on your website without logging in?

A: Yes, you can. By choosing to continue as a guest, after that you have to pay immediately through PayPal.

Q: Is it safe and legal to go shopping for gems and jewelry?

A: Yes, absolutely. Most of the group tours put the visiting of gems and jewelry shop on their tour program itinerary. The gems and jewelry shops have a variety of valuable items ranging from the general small souvenirs, men’s or women’s dress accessories, small Buddha statues, some decorative items and the more valuable gem stones and jewelry. Most of the gems and jewelry shops are under the support of the government.

Q: Can I ask to go shopping after my tour with you / tour guide at the gems and jewelry store?

A: Yes, absolutely, and if you contact and tell us (travel agent) when you book your tour that you want to go shopping for souvenirs and gems at the shop. You will get a 10-15% discount coupon on specific items.

Q: How about if I need a request to have a male or female local tour guide to take care of my group?

A: Yes, you can. But you should let us know at least two days in advance so we can find the best and suitable one for you.

Q: What if I book one of your tours, such as the Damnoen Saduak Floating Market program, and on the way I want to stop at a location that is on the same route and not too far away, such as the Train Market or the Coconut Sugar Kiln? Is it possible?

A: Yes, as a private tour, everything is flexible to your needs without additional payment. You can talk with our tour guide about that. Except if there is any additional cost at that place, you have to pay for it by yourself.

Q: How many times can I use the Discount Coupon Code?

A: The discount coupon code is valid for an unlimited number of tour bookings. 

Q: When and where to apply the discount coupon code when I make my booking on your website?

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