Chicken Dung Cell ” Kuck Kii Kai “@ Chantaburi

Chicken Dung Cell
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Chicken Dung Cell “ Kuck-Kii-Kai = คุกขี้ไก่ ” A 10m * 10m square shape and 10m in Height with Pyramid roof.

It was built to hold the one who acted against the French Colonial Forces in between 1893 – 1903 “Franco-Siamese War Period”

when the French taken Chantaburi province as a hostage in demand of a Territories on the left-side of Mae-Kong river in Laos and some more Islands including compensation in cash.

The idea of Chicken dung cell was that the prisoner would be kept and get the chicken shit poop down on them time by time during the Contain period.

Luckily, some documents said it has been never used.

Chicken Dung Cell

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