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Chantabun Waterfront Community
An over 300 years old Chantabun Water Front Community. Once in the middle of 16 Century which in the Reign of King Narai of Ayutthya. An immigranted Bhuddhist Chineses & Catholic Vietnamese gather together with local Thais, built this Chantaboon Riverfront community and their unique heritage last until present day. A worth & must visiting.
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Ripley's Believe It or Not Pattaya
Ripley’s Believe It or Not Is the strange , the shocking and the beautiful . Seeing is believing & shocking !!! Location : 2nd Fl. Royal Garden Plaza Pattaya , next to Avani Hotel Open Daily : 11.00am – 11.00pm. You need ticket to experience the shocking !!!
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Dongtan Beach Pattaya
Dongtan Beach located just next to Jomtien Beach and approximately 6 Km. from Pattaya Beach & Downtown. It is the most beautiful’s Beach here and not too many people, clear water, very clean area and superb Shade under a row of Coconut Palm Trees. Lying down, reading, indulge in Sea Sand Sun , you should ‘t miss here !!!
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A big group of wooden plaza connecting Houses that lined & grouped in a giant man-made Pool. Shops are in each house as a Plaza At the Center is a Floating Market section and they are small traditional floating Boat full with varieties of local Foods / street Foods. In Normal time, there are some exciting Show & performances are available to entertain all visitors. Worth Visiting !!
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A nice , modern building style & very clean area that you might not think about it is a Tiger Zoo which allow all visitor to interact with Tiger such as play with them, feeding, take a photo, hug etc. If you love Tiger , here is your Place.
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