Sightseeing Tours in Bangkok and Private Trips Around Thailand with a Licensed Local Tour Guide
Sightseeing Tours in Bangkok and Private Trips Around Thailand with a Licensed Local Tour Guide

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Terms Of Service

Siamchon Holiday Limited Partnership

Logo Siamchon Holiday Ltd.,Part

We take this opportunity as a privilege to introduce our B2B and P2B travel company, Siamchon Holiday Limited Partnership, a government-registered and licensed travel service provider that aims to provide best-in-class services and prices for group or individual clients of our valued B2B partners and P2B channel from around the world.

Siamchon Holiday is an inbound B2B and P2B travel service provider located in Bangkok, Thailand, with extensive experience in the on-ground operation of tours in Thailand.

  • FIT’s
  • Groups
  • Tour series
  • Package Tours around Thailand
  • Luxury tours
  • VIP tours
  • Private tours

We also offer custom-made tours such as leisure travel, historical tours, cultural tours, adventure tours, nature tours, wellness tours, and so on!

  • Tickets (Flight/Railway)
  • Meet and greet at airports or railway stations
  • Tours
  • Transfer assistance
  • Transports of all capacities
  • Accommodation (Hotel)
  • Meals
  • Professional and qualified tour guides and tour escorts
  • Tour packages offer maximum customization as per client requirements.

  • Experienced staff
  • Good relations with suppliers
  • Faster response and solution
  • Personal attention and assistance
  • 24 hour contact for in-house guests

With the collective experience and expertise of our team in the tourism and travel industry, we are certain of delivering exceptional services to the guests of our valued B2B and P2B channel partners, promising unmatched satisfaction on their holidays.

We would be happy to assist you with any kind of assistance required to plan and make the journey enchanting and full of happy memories for all esteemed guests.

It is, in general, included.

  • Tour Guide Fee:
  • Air-conditioned transportation + driver is provided. Except for walking tours.
  • Entrance Fees.
  • Travel insurance but does not cover COVID-19.

Value Added Tax (VAT) is included in the total price.

  • The room-based rate is for 3–4*Hotels.
  • Room-based price is included in the displayed price.
  • To check all related prices before you proceed with your payment, click View Price Breakdown.

You can book and pay through our booking system. The program will lead you through the PayPal payment gateway, which accepts both credit and debit cards.

  • To book one-day tours and other services, You have to book and pay in advance at least 1 day before the experience/tour date.
  • To book multi-day package tours, You have to book and pay in advance, at least 3 days before the experience/tour date.
  • For emergency bookings, please let us know through “Live Chat” before you book, and you will have to pay the full amount for both one-day tours and multi-day package tours.
  • Our booking system is designed to accept a minimum of 2 people per booking. However, if you are a solo tourist and need to book with us, please contact our staff beforehand through Live Chat or Email to discuss your booking.
  • View our booking steps.

To be able to track your booking, payment status, and confirmation, submit your payment slip, and rate the tour after finishing, Please create your account by signing up/logging in before making your booking.

Your booking has no expiration date within 2 years after payment, which means the traveling date can be changed according to your availability. Or your booking could be transferred to the one you love.

To change any of the above mentioned to your booking, please let us know at least 7 days before your first booking due date.

Our tour programs are arranged and customized as private tours (at least 2 people per booking), which are hand-picked and customized according to the guests’ needs and are flexible to re-customize.

Each tour has quite clear descriptions of its related details and itineraries, along with recently taken photos of the real places. We try not to put any make-up or adjust our related photos in order to let our guests, who would be our future guests, see the real photos and atmosphere.

Furthermore, all tours provide tourists with a great chance to sightsee and participate in hands-on activities or events as a local. To experience, learn and enjoy the local things.

As a private tour, all is flexible to your needs. The itinerary can be customized and personalized the way you need it. You can chat with us through our “live chat” or by email before you book.

To personalize the whole program/itinerary as per your needs, please feel free to chat with us or message us.

Tour guides in Thailand are reserved by law for only Thai nationals. They all have to hold a certificate or bachelor’s degree from a college, collage university, or university before they are eligible to apply for a tour guide license from the Tourism Department of the Tourism Authority of Thailand, and also have to take the special basic tour guide course.

The course will provide them with relevant knowledge and information, but more importantly, they will need to travel to real-world locations to learn and practice as a professional tour guide.

A Job Order is a 1-3 page document issued by the legal local travel agency or company. It contains details of a travel agency, a tour guide, and some details about foreign tourists who are traveling with them.

Information of tourist that appear on Job Order is as following:

  1. The country from which the tourists are departing.
  2. Traveling Channel by air, boat, or car, for example.
  3. Arrival Date and Flight No.
  4. Departure Date and Flight No.
  5. Name and lastname.
  6. Passport No.
  7. Tourist amount.

Some of the above mentioned information needs to be given by the tourist after booking.

It was created by Thailand’s Tourism Department, which supervises and controls the operations of travel agencies and tour guides.

It implies that a tour guide who holds a job order comes from a legal travel agency or company that provides up to standard service, including travel insurance, for all of their tourists.

Furthermore, Job Order is evidence that all tour guides must carry and be ready to be checked or examined by tourist police at any time while on duty; failure to show Job Order to tourist police results in a fine of up to 10,000 THB, or approximately 295 USD.

  • Travel Insurance will be applied to all of our clients on the experience date and during the trip for a one-day tour.
  • For multi-day package tours, the insurance covers from the first day of the journey till the last day of the trip.
  • Related documents are needed on your arrival. You will be advised in that case.
  • The insurance company’s condition is based on the insurance company’s that signed the contract with Siamchon Holiday Ltd., Part. and in line with the Law.

    General Coverage of the Insurance is as following:

    • Age of the Insured: provides coverage for the insured aged 1 month and over.
    • The maximum insurance payout would be 1 million baht in the case of death and 500,000 baht for medical expenses.

  1. Extending coverage for skiing, snorkeling by speedboat, banana boat rides, parachutes, sea walkers, horseback riding, or elephant trekking, under supervision and the responsibility of the policyholder.
  2. Moving expenses in case of an emergency accident The maximum amount is 10,000 baht per person (the sum insured is included in item 2, medical expenses).
  3. Expenses for repatriation of the body in the event of death from an accident The maximum amount is 10,000 baht per person (the sum insured is included in item 2, medical expenses).
  4. Medical expenses due to food poisoning The maximum amount is 10,000 baht per person (the sum insured is included in item 2, medical expenses).
  5. Funeral expenses in the event of death by accident The maximum amount is 10,000 baht per person (the sum insured is included in item 2, medical expenses).

Before you cancel, please be informed that you can keep your booking and just change your travel date because your booking with us has no expiration date in the 2 year period after you book.

Anyway, if you insist on cancelling, The cancellation’s conditions go in line with the law as follows:

  1. Cancel at least 30 days before the trip. Tourists receive a full refund.
  2. Cancel at least 15 days before the trip. Tourists get a 50% refund.
  3. Cancel less than 15 days before the trip. Tourist get no refund.

Do not wear

  • Shorts.
  • Tight Pants.
  • Torn Pants.
  • Mini-Skirt.
  • Sleeveless Shirts.
  • Sleeping Cloths.
  • Sportswear.

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